Our film production team has extensive experience producing various types of videos, such as product videos, crowdfunding videos, digital marketing videos and commercial videos. Above all, our strength lies in the creation of compelling, high-quality corporate films that truly express your corporate values, mission and authenticity. We take your mission statement and your corporate essence and transform them into motion that leaves a lasting impression on your customers and partners.


Our film production process at a glance:

  1. Initial Assessment

  2. Pitch & Proposal

  3. Script & Storyboard

  4. Pre-production and Casting

  5. Principal Photography

  6. Post-production

  7. Delivery

It usually takes 2 months to complete a corporate film.

How do I get started?

Contact us (Link) with the below information to get started:


1. Video References

Have a video you want to share with us? Do you like this video’s texture, animation or storytelling? Presenting us with a video reference can help us get a better understanding of your expectations. These references do not necessarily mean that the final product is the same but help us to provide a professional proposal to create your corporate film. Evaluation on the number of actors, scenes, video equipment, lighting and post-production scale can all be evaluated by providing us the right references. 

2. Budget

If you do not have a reference video, provide us with a budget range and our experienced film production team can offer you various options. Each proposal will come with clearly listed items such as actors, lighting, animation, etc. Whenever possible, we will also provide you with suitable references to consider.